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Afflux at structures in rivers and channels

Afflux Estimation System - Background

The risk of flooding is strongly determined by water levels in river drainage and other watercourse systems as they carry floodwater. The Environment Agency Science Programme has a scientific objective aimed at providing improved tools for estimating water levels at high flows.

One part of this research has been to improve the understanding of the effects of in-channel structures, such as bridges and culverts, on water levels at high flows. This relates particularly to the representation of afflux (the increase in upstream water levels caused by the structure). Under this project, JBA Consulting has developed a package of data and analytical methods referred to as the Afflux Estimation System (AES) in addition to an Afflux Advisor based on an Excel spreadsheet.

The AES research complements existing work carried out in the related Defra/EA Conveyance Estimation System (CES) project to address the characteristics of the river or channel reach by developing a new approach and software for estimating conveyance.